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Education Management Software

Aims is advanced cloud based educational institute management system in Bangladesh with most complete and versatile features. It is the best solution for any type of educational institutes that automates the education process right from students’ admission to their certification. It is a paperless automation solution for today’s modern educational Institution designed to handle all educational […]

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Systems is a Customizable, Comprehensive, and Integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations. This has Outpatient and Inpatient, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Inventory, eClaim, Mobile Apps, Tablet Versions, Online Scheduling, Secured Messaging, Doctor and Patient Portals, Accounting, HR/Payroll, Blood Bank, Mortuary, Alert System, Dietary, Feedback, Lab Machines, and Biometric Integration, HL7/Integrated PACS, […]

Human Resource Management

Managing human resource is one of the most significant and challenging task in an organization. To overcome these challenges ‘One Point HRM’ software can be a simple solution that gives you enormous benefit to your firms and meets the requirements of the business. We are providing a complete Human Resource Management System (HRM) which provides […]

Point Of Sale Services (POS)

POS is a Point of Sales software with sales-purchase, store-inventory & core accounting system. It is a web-based solution that supports multi-shop system. Our POS software will track and keep records of everyday data, by which you can produce daily or weekly or any periodical reports of Sales, Purchase, Accounting and Inventory. You can even […]

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System is a most user friendly Point of Sales in Bangladesh that ensures efficient operation, modern invoicing system, revenue management, track inventory and help you to promote your business. It will also act as a pharmacy billing software. This POS Software is Online cloud based Software. This a Browser based Solution which combines Multi-user […]

Billing Software

Our Accounting is a most user friendly web based online accounting software; you can fully automate your business accounting process in a more affordable way. Accounting program manages, financial records including Stock, Inventory, Voucher entries, and Customer-Vendor, Billing details, everything is possible with One Point Account. This accounting software to help you manage your business, […]

Co-Operative Society (Samity) Software

A co-operative or “co-op” society is an association of individuals having common needs who join hands for the achievement of common economic interest and voluntarily cooperate for their mutual benefits, social cooperation and cultural benefits. A Cooperative society is own and managed by the group of people who joins their hand to cooperate each other […]

Online Ticket Management Software

Bus reservation System: Bus Reservation System is a software for Online ticket booking, Trip & fleet management, Counter functionality & agent management, System to evaluate performance of driver, conductor & employee, Vehicle management & reservation for all important data, Fitness tracking of vehicle, Adjustment of expense vs income, Taking quick decision, assurance of overall automated […]